WWWW continues to evolve

I want to pick up the story where NativeWolf left off. The early years had served to create the boundaries of Star Mountain's virtual world. As NativeWolf said, what was created then would change as the names and faces of the inhabitants of the Den changed over the years to come. What has changed for me, from those early days of watching the "old wolves" like NativeWolf, Ligia, and others, was that Star Mountain became more real. We used to talk about it in mythic terms, often in the third person. At some point, it became real, immediate, and inhabited by wolf women who identified with the wolf and the mythos of the wolfpack, and also ran in the real world.

When I joined there was no wait list. When we hit 100 members, we were at our limit (as defined by what Crystal was paying for), and she faced the problem of what to do with those who wanted to get in but couldn't. Thus the wait list was born.

And we could generate up to 300 emails a day! Membership here has never been for the faint of email heart! Eventually the list was pared down to 75, and Lsoft limited us to 160 posts, after Crystal begged them to give us an exception when they wanted to set the limit MUCH lower. So the conversation continued.

Alphas served and then retired, starting the tradition of the Former Alphas Club, with some staying (Swampy, Journey, Selena) and some leaving (Amani, Kari, and Garden). And wolves continued to come and go, some staying for years, others for a brief time. And some to return years later to reclaim their place at the fire.

Many of my WWWW memories to be shared are around Wolfcon, although I also will recall things that should be remembered for our herstory. I hope others will write their own stories to share so that as much of our group history as can be remembered will be preserved. Who knew we'd be around this long!

WolfCon 1, held in in Estes Park, Colorado, September 1997, brought Star Mountain from the virtual world into the real world. A room full of wild wolf women from all around the world brought home to everyone there that this marvelous place had brought us together, people who would never had met without it. We are creating the Motheland Estes writes about, one woman at a time.

We met in the hills of Tennessee for WolfCon 2. We stayed in three cabins, but came together for a daytrip to Dollywood, and evening rituals. We learned a lot in Tennesee about how not to do wolfcon: more group meals and collecting money to stock the cupboards rather than going it cabin by cabin. We would have cabins closer together so groups didn't isolate off by themselves and so wolves could easily travel between them. One member, Rica, got lost in the dark trying to walk back to her cabin.

In 1999 we traveled to Ely, Minnesota ­ the land of 10,000 lakes, and home of the International Wolf Center for WolfCon 3. It was in Ely that the pack honored the late Fullmoon Wolf with a beautiful candle-lit ceremony lead by Lilith, and embraced a new sister ­ HalfMoon, Fullmoon's daughter. We also had our first pack handfasting, of Wandering and Little, by the Packmistress. And once again, we saw the beauty of Star Mountain, that the love we feel for each other via email can so easily translate to face to face interactions at wolfcon.

The next major change came after WC3, when the Packmistress decided the trend of male members hooking up with female members was making WWWW into a dating service. And having men in the group inhibited some of the wolves who were not as far along on the wild woman journey. So as hewolves left, no new men were allowed entry. Finally, there was one lone hewolf left, who had been on the Mountain a long time. No one really knows what happened, but this hewolf decided to challenge the Packmistress and her Alpha status. He had some supporters, but the other two alphas, and most of the pack, stood behind the Packmistress, and when the dust settled, the last of the hewolves was gone.

Starlight Springs was founded in 1999, a place to begin the wild woman journey for those waiting to join the pack atop Star Mountain. Three WWWW wolves ­ Solitaire, Serenity, and Darkwolf - volunteered to serve as Alphas there, and the Springs has been an important place for potential members to meet, learn about WWWW, and get to know each other, before The Call comes for each to journey up the Sand Road to the WWWW pack.

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