Early Days on Star Mountain

As told by Dottie the Nativewolf

In the beginning there was a shewolf by the name of Annie, who wished to honor Pinkwolf, the Woman who ran with the wolves. The woman's pack would not allow the shewolf to bestown this honor or to even mention the woman again. And the Wolfmate who was with the shewolf at the time turned out to be a Jackel who wanted to place the wolves in a basket with harnesses and rules and constraints so the shewolf had to leave that place. She began a journey that lead to a magical place. The shewolf burned that path to the Woman who said she ran with the wolves and the Jackel in wolf's fur, and forged to find a den of her own. And a fine Den it tourned out to be.

The Den seemed to be a small den, located smack dab in the middle of a Mystical Virtual World about two turns past Venus and left past the Moon. Teh shewolf explord this find and found the den to be ever changing and growing and knew she had found someplace specila and set about to make the den home. They decorated with wonderful colors, built a large firepit in the center, and invited stray wolves to please join. Marty the Rebel Wolf left the woman's basket den, and was one of the first wolvees to follow the shewolf to the new den in the Magical Mystical Place.

It didn't take long before stray wolves were wandering into the den from places all over the Universe. Many wolves spoke of being called or of sensing their way to the den, following their homing instinct through the Milky Way and always ending up in the Den of Annie's World. There were Wolves who couldn't stay,although the den had called to their wild instinct, they hadn't found 'their' den and continuied on their journey. But many of the Wolves who had wandered into the den settled right in and made themselves at home. Some hid in the bushes outside of the cave and watched for awhile before moving in closer to the fire. They would listen to the Wolves in the pack as they shared and they played and they passed the talking stick. Before they knew what was happening they were part of the pack and they were laughing and crying and dancing and praying and they knew they had found their home.

This pack of Wolves discovered the most amazing things. They discovered each other and took each other on the most amazing journeys. Wolves from other cultures and other worlds sharing their special things and creating the World of the Den. Ligia a Loba came from Brazil and loved the story about the rubby slippers. She insisted on wearing rubby slippers and having them take her home. She also discovered Whining and loved the concept, and decided that all wolves should be allowed to whine, and would Tabasco any wolves that apologized for doing so. Whining is indeed a very natural wolfy thing, and if we need to whine, then others need to listen to us whine.

This Pack went on the most amazing journeys and whine all the way to Tibet, across the Desert, led by Chantal the Desertwind Wolf, to meet the Dali Lama. What a sight that was and dancing naked in the desert became the thing to do for that time, with the desert wind blowing their hair, freeing themselves of all constraints, being the Wild Wolves they were meant to be, in the magical world of the den.

This Wolf Pack was special. This Den wove a magical spell. The spirit transmitted around the world as ideas were exchanged and games were played. An occasional misunderstanding erupted, as Wolves will be Wolves. Misunderstandings that sometimes caused much growling and nipping, but the skirmishes were usually superficial and little fur lost when it was all said and done.

Occasionally, a wandering Wolf would stop for awhile and manage to upset the whole pack. One such wolfe came, a braggart who recited bad poetry, and the wolves became alarmed. They cautioned the shewolf to be on guard and she decided to remove this troublesome wolfe before the whole pack ran and hid. And then another wolf who will ever be known as the Mirror Woman began to accuse all the wolves of being small and hateful. She had everyone fighting and yelling and howling and made much trouble. She even stole things fromt he wolves and was taking them back to the Pink Wolf, who wanted nothing to do with this den. This wolf caused so much trouble that the Shewolf finally grabbed this troublesome Wolf by the scruff of the neck and threw her out of the den.

It was during this time of trouble and strife that the HealerWolf - Gwen - finally had to wander from the Den in search of some peace and healing. She went away fromt he fire to breathe the fresh breezes and escape from the noise of the Den. She was joined by DancingWolf - pam - and LaughingWolf - Kari - and they danced the first dance on the Mountain. They danced their dance for love and release and they danced in the cloudsd for their sister Wolf, LindaSky. They danced the first dance with the stars and the moon and they found that the Den was located on a wonderful mountain top. The NativeWolf was watching this dance of the wolves and gave a gift to the pack, the gift of the poem named "Star Mountain"...and Star Mountain was truly born that night.

The pack continued to change and evolve, SheWolves and HeWolves from hither and yon were joining the Magical Pack. The Den and surroundings were changing as well to reflect the great diversity of the Packmates and to accomodate the ever increasing number of wolves who wanted to stay and be part of this pack. Someone brought a refrigerator to keep the Sysops steaks cold as well sa the beer and Margaritas. That crazy wolf from Brazil started throwing cows one day to break up a fight and we ended up keeping one, the cow that gives the chocolate milok, our special cow Lady Godiva Bovina. Melissa Silverlily Wolf decided to take care of Lady Godiva and keep her safe fromt he wolves when they were in the mood for chocolate.

What gatherings would occur in this Den. You never know what might be going on in this Virtual Magical place. The conversations would be deep and philosophical with the talking stick flying around the circle of wolves so fast it was almost impossible to keep up. Other times they would play silly games and fill up the Den with trival banter lightening the thickening air. Occasional fights and misunderstandings occured and the fur would fly and snapping woudl occur then the CopWolf would have to tweet her whistle and call for Tabasco sauce and tailbiting. Whining or self-deprecation was even a bigger tail-biting offense and the boundaries of the pack were being formed.

As Wolves came and went, special gifts were left with the pack. Barbara BlanketWolf left her healing blanket for all to use when needing release. Her blanket that she would wrap up in when the weight of the world seemed too heavy. Her blanket would keep that weight from her shoulders and when she left, she left us the blanket. Her blanket to use whenever we needed to rest and to heal. Gifts from the heart in the form of the stories. Stories of pain and release. Gifts of sharing. Gifts of giving. Gifts of healing. Stories of self, and stories of others. Gifts of advice and support and understanding. The Wolves shared the stories of their lives. They shared the stories of their youth. They shared things with their packmates that they couldn't share outside of the Den. They shared stories to help their packmates and to help themselves. And it is a good place that Den on the Mountain.

Every now and then a special gathering would occur on the MountainTop. To laugh and to cry or to rest or to heal, on the Mountain Top all things are possible. The Wolves would come from all over the world to join in the howlings and happenings. A great cauldron appeared for the discarding of all that was undesired. Throwing the baggage into the cauldron to lighten the load, then around the fire to dance. On the Mountain Top, gather to feel love unfold and to warm the cold spot in your heart.

The Wolves gathered from all over the world and they shared of their lives and their cultures. The diversities and similarities, the geographical differences, made all of the wolves' world smaller and created a world that was new and safe and full of unconditional Love. The Pack continues to change and grow as Wolves come and go, and take and leave, and the pack will continue... as the story of the Pack willcontinue with all of the special wolves who gather here and create new traditions, adding to the richness of Star Mountain. The story has only just begun, but this has been the story of the beginning. And it is with much love I give you this story, becuase to see where you are going, you must know where you have been...

I love you all
Dottie the NativeWolf, 1997